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Leo Xiong

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Corrupted microSD cards

The Raspberry Pi I ordered last month suddenly stopped booting today. I tried re-imaging the microSD card a couple times but was still having the same issue. Doing some tests, it seems that

AirPlay across broadcast domains

AirPlay is great and "just works" if all your devices are on the same network. But if your Mac and TV are on separate broadcast domains, for example different VLANs, they will not

Tracking international courier with AirTag

Apple recently launched AirTag, a crowdsourced Bluetooth item tracker, and I happened to need to send one to New Zealand. I actived the tag and sent it from my local post office. It's

New job, new country

I relocated to Sydney for a job at Amazon Web Services! While my grandparents have never heard of Amazon, they do know that it's an "internet company" and that my boss is the

Modding payWave into my Casio F-91W

The Casio F-91W has somewhat of a cult following because of its robust design and legendary 7 year batter life. Having gotten used to contactless payments from my Apple Watch, I wanted to