Leo Xiong

Leo Xiong

dnsmasq for ad blocking

I have a WireGuard peer running in EC2 that I would like to enable domain-based ad blocking on. # apt install dnsmasq # echo interface=wg0 >> /etc/dnsmasq.conf # curl https://raw.githubusercontent.com/easylist/


After struggling to find a regular, Sydney-based, bird watching group with a younger demographic, I've started my own. We're only one month old, but have had four outings already! Birbwatching SydneyWe are a

"Do not develop my app"

The latest trend of companies trying to shove their shitty apps down your throat is annoying as hell. Especially when they already have a website that is able to deliver all of the


This is Guppy, the latest addition to the family. He's a 5 year old boy adopted from a shelter. He loves chicken and sleeping on laptops. He's also known by Guppers, Gupster, Guppo,

Learning to skate

Ever since I saw Casey Neistat skate around New York city on an electric skateboard, I’ve wanted to do the same. So last month I picked up a Sector9 skateboard and decided