Guppy is a new addition to the household. He's an adopted cat who's 5 years old. His name is from The Binding of Isaac. His favorite food is chicken, and his favorite activity

Not everyone needs a GoPro

Five years ago I bought a GoPro, because it seemed like everyone had a GoPro. I used it once only to sell it three years later. Just like GoPros, I wanted to blog.

Cherry Blossoms

Cherry blossum season has started in Sydney! These photos were taken at the Auburn Botanic Gardens. Also found a magpie lark looking like a pirate.

Learning to skate

Ever since I saw Casey Neistat skate around New York city on an electric skateboard, I’ve wanted to do the same. So last month I picked up a Sector9 skateboard and decided

Reusing desiccant

A year ago, I bought a bunch of indicating silica gel packets to keep my camera gear dry. Indicating desiccant is chemically treated so that it changes color as it absorbs water, letting