dnsmasq for ad blocking

I have a WireGuard peer running in EC2 that I would like to enable domain-based ad blocking on. # apt install dnsmasq # echo interface=wg0 >> /etc/dnsmasq.conf # curl https://raw.githubusercontent.com/easylist/

Transferring iCloud Photos to Google

I wanted to back up ~300 GB worth of photos and videos stored in iCloud Photos to Google for safe keeping. My Google Workspace plan grants each user 4 TB of storage, and


After struggling to find a regular, Sydney-based, bird watching group with a younger demographic, I've started my own. We're only one month old, but have had four outings already! BirbingSydney-based birbing club.BirbingUrban

“Do not develop my app”

The latest trend of companies trying to shove their shitty apps down your throat is annoying as hell. Especially when they already have a website that is able to deliver all of the


This is Guppy, the latest addition to the family. He's a 5 year old boy adopted from a shelter. He loves chicken and sleeping on laptops.