Not everyone needs a GoPro

Five years ago I bought a GoPro, because it seemed like everyone had a GoPro. I used it once only to sell it three years later. Just like GoPros, I wanted to blog.

Cherry Blossoms

Cherry blossum season has started in Sydney! These photos were taken at the Auburn Botanic Gardens. Also found a magpie lark looking like a pirate.

Learning to skate

Ever since I saw Casey Neistat skate around New York city on an electric skateboard, I’ve wanted to do the same. So last month I picked up a Sector9 skateboard and decided

Reusing desiccant

A year ago, I bought a bunch of indicating silica gel packets to keep my camera gear dry. Indicating desiccant is chemically treated so that it changes color as it absorbs water, letting

Corrupted microSD cards

The Raspberry Pi I ordered last month suddenly stopped booting today. I tried re-imaging the SD card a couple times, but was still having the same issue. Doing some tests, it seemed that