After struggling to find a regular, Sydney-based bird watching group with a younger demographic, I’ve started my own. We’re only one month old, but have had four outings already! Come join

“Do not develop my app”

The trend of companies pushing their apps for you to do simple functionality that could’ve been delivered through a webapp is extremely annoying. I’ve noticed companies (likeThe Economist, Reddit) using user

New job, new country

My partner and I relocated to Sydney for my job at Amazon! While my grandparents had never heard of Amazon, they do that it’s an “internet company” and my boss is the

Airplay across multiple broadcast domains

Airplay is great and “just works” if all of your devices are on the same network. But if your device and TV are on separate broadcast domains, e.g. different VLANs, they will

Modding payWave into my Casio F-91W

Having gotten use to contactless payments from my Apple Watch, I wanted to mod my Casio to do the same. My bank offers PayTag (from Gemalto), shrunken down versions of a normal credit