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Professional Experience

Systems Development Engineer II @ Amazon Logistics  · January 2022—Present

Software and automation in Amazon Logistics.

Systems Development Engineer II @ Amazon Web Services  · August 2020—December 2021

Building active monitoring and remediation software for the Amazon Enterprise Network.

DevOps Engineer @ PredictHQ · September 2019—July 2020

Technologies​ Kubernetes on AWS, Terraform, Ansible, Jenkins & GitLab Pipelines, Helm, Prometheus/Grafana/Alertmanager, Elasticsearch/Logstash/Kibana, Kafka/Zookeeper, Python, Git

PredictHQ is a New Zealand based startup that provides demand intelligence to major international brands like Uber, Qantas, Domino's, and The company recently received $22 million USD in series B funding.

The two person DevOps team at PredictHQ designs, manages, and monitors key infrastructure in the company. These include the AWS services, Kubernetes, several large Elasticsearch clusters, and the CI/CD pipelines. Our goals as a team are to ensure the smooth operation of the infrastructure, support the development team, and reduce running costs while automating as much as possible

DevOps Engineer @ IdeaHQ · April 2019—September 2019

Technologies​ Kubernetes on AWS, Docker Swarm, Drone CI, Traefik, ELK, Prometheus, Helm

I introduced and administered the production and staging Kubernetes clusters (provisioned with kops) on AWS, with the aim of moving towards GitOps. I promoted a Docker based ecosystem for the projects running in the cluster and the surrounding infrastructure to support it, these include CI/CD pipelines, centralized application logging, cluster monitoring and metrics, Slack integrations, and documentation.

Docker Workshop Presenter @ University of Waikato · February 2019

I presented a full day Docker training workshop to the machine learning group at the University of Waikato which covered the Docker ecosystem, workflow, and best practices. The aim was to help introduce containerization to their workflow to solve platform and dependency issues.

Systems Developer @ SiteHost · August 2017—November 2018

Technologies​ Docker, SaltStack, PHP, Python, MySQL, Monitoring, Linux sysadmin

My role was to maintain/develop the existing codebase and increase automation on our infrastructure. My team manages and develops new features on our Cloud Container platform which is built on top of Xen, SaltStack (Python based orchestration tool), Docker, control panel and PHP API backend, and a collection of monitoring and metrics gathering systems (including Riemann, collectd, ELK stack).

I designed, quoted, documented, developed, and shipped implementations for features and bug fixes. I also peer reviewed merge requests and assisted with the on-boarding of new members to the team. This included assisting colleagues with: Git, idiomatic code, Linux sysadmin, and understanding DNS (especially DNC APIs). As the Cloud Containers infrastructure and the production deployments at SiteHost is built on top of Docker, I have become very familiar with Docker and its internals.

New features I shipped during my time at SiteHost include two-factor authentication support and a fully automated Docker container update system (which has updated over 2,200 containers without interruption - technical implementation details on company blog post).

Junior Drupal Developer @ Catalyst IT · November 2015—Dec 2016

Technologies​ Docker, Web stack (Nginx, PostgreSQL & MySQL, PHP, Javascript, HTML5, CSS/SASS), Cordova, AngularJS, Python, Git, Linux

I worked on various commercial products using open source technologies. I transitioned from summer intern to full-time primarily working on the National Business Review’s website. This involved developing new features, maintaining the existing codebase, managing deployments, and communicating requirements with the client.

Research Assistant @ FCMS - University of Waikato · November 2014—April 2016

Technologies​ Computer vision and image processing libraries (OpenCV, BoofCV, ImageJ), Java, SVN

Initially started under a research scholarship which continued on to a contracted role. I developed computer vision algorithms for a commercial Dutch company to detect and later identify insects to provide data for greenhouse owners. These plugins were built on top of ADAMS, an open source workflow engine, currently developed by the University of Waikato. The clients were pleased with the improved speed and accuracy. After the research scholarship ended, I was hired as a casual employee to continue working on other projects.

Contract Programmer @ WEEL - University of Waikato · March 2014

Technologies​ C# WPF, server-client networking

For a joint research project undertaken by the University of Waikato Experimental Economics Laboratory and the University of Stirling, survey data of 400 subjects was successfully collected through my application that was deployed onto 36 machines.


St John First Aid

Qualified workplace first aid person, can offer vital assistance before experienced help arrives. Certified both in New Zealand and Australia.