Outback road trip

Outback road trip

This Christmas break we went on an impromptu 6-day road trip to rural Australia - you've gotta visit Outback Australia at least once, right?

This road trip is brought to you by... Maccas!

The drive there...

The roads between Sydney and Dubbo are pretty similar to New Zealand roads.

When you arrive in Dubbo, you notice an increase in mullets, a trend that seems to increase as you go further west.

From Dubbo to Broken Hill, things start looking more dead, plant wise, and kangaroo wise... Road kill possums are common in New Zealand, but seeing large creatures like roos lying there was quite unsettling. It was also my first time seeing dust devils in person.

Broken Hill

When we arrived in Broken Hill, we visited the Living Desert State Park and watched the sunset from there.

After sundown, we drove to the outskirts of the town and star gazed.

Kinchega National Park

With Broken Hill as our base camp, we drove off to Kinchega National Park via Menindee. Unforuntately most of the road was unsealed and heavily corrugated, not great for a city car. We drove at a snail's pace.

Broken Hill is 30 minutes behind Sydney.


Silverton is half an hour north-west of Broken Hill. There's not a lot there apart from a bakery and a pub. But we went camel riding at Silverton Outback Camels.

The drive back...

The drive back was uneventful.