Thoughts on the EOS R6

Thoughts on the EOS R6

I've been shooting with my Canon EOS R6 for about a month now and here's my thoughts on it so far.

Feb 2020 update: I switched to the EOS R5

The good

Image stabilization

The image stabilization (IS) and in-body image stabalization (IBIS) is really impressive. Maybe it's because it's my first time using IS/IBIS on a (non-smartphone) camera, but I was pleasantly surprised. I was frequently able to shoot at 500mm, handheld, with low shutter speeds. Like this skyline of Sydney at dusk.

500mm, 1/60 sec at f/7.1, ISO 8000

Eye detect autofocus

Although I wish eye control autofocus (like that on the EOS R3) was available on more cameras, eye and face detect autofocus is the next best thing. Canon's ML based eye detection not only works on people, but also animals. It's been very helpful keeping fast moving birds in focus.

Sulfur-crested cockatoo in Centennial Parklands, Sydney

Flexible value (Fv) mode

This one's also new to me. Using the secondary (thumb) dial, you can select whether the primary (index finger) dial adjusts the shutter, apperture, or ISO. Pressing the "trash" icon will reset the value to auto. It's P, Tv, and Av all in one!

20 fps high speed continuous burst

The EOS R6 supports 12 fps bursts with mechanical shutter, and 20 fps when using the electronic shutter. It's a huge upgrade to the measly 5 fps on my previous Nikon D700.

The meh

External zoom lens

The zoom creep on the RF lenses is extremely annoying. I carry my camera with a strap on my shoulder (lens facing down), and unless I lock the 24-70mm f/2.8 or tighten the smoothness ring on the 100-500mm f/4.5-7.1, the lens will slowly extend itself as I walk. When mounting it on a tripod, the center of gravity will also change requiring re-balancing.


Being able to glance at key shooting info is really handy. I know you can change the display mode on the main display to show shooting info, but there are several advantaged to a separate display

  • shooting theatre where the main display brightness distracts the audience
  • shooting in sunlight when the main display isn't bright enough
  • consumes less power than the main LCD
  • mounted on a tripod below eye level, it's easier to look down at the top of the camera

This might be the reason why I upgrade to the EOS R5.

Screen articulation

I know videographers love a fully articulating screen, but personally I just prefer a tilt screen. It's quicker to tilt, and doesn't look silly ;).

Nikon ergonomics

These complaints are definitely subjective.

  • Nikon camera's button placement and grip feels more comfortable
  • Canon reversed all the ring directions! Sure you can reverse the ring direction, but you can't reverse the zoom.
  • The EOS R6's mechanical shutter just doesn't sound as crisp as the D700. Maybe it's because of the lack of a mirror.
  • The quick control dial doesn't click like a D-pad.

Camera Connect app

Not that I expected much, but the iPhone app is slow to connect and unintuitive to use. I only use this as a remote trigger.